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INOT Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the company that strives to focus on energy efficiency, by adopting the sustainable development goals, to make the World a better place to live in.

To accomplish the idea of energy efficiency, we have identified an innovative solution to reduce the power consumption by identifying the areas of power misuse. We are proud to introduce our unique technology ‘i-Saver’, that brought us ahead with our patent applied for Street Light Efficient Management System.
INOT manufactures LED lights branded as ‘i-ray’ for both domestic and industrial sector.

  • Vision -
  • • To tap the significant untapped potential for energy efficiency in India and by this means to reduce carbon footprint, for a better planet.
    • To become a pioneer in LED Lighting Industry.
  • Mission -
  • To deliver our products to each and every doorstep in India and to build, protect and enhance the concepts of preserving energy.

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